Massage Therapy Services

All prices below are for appointments at my office in Greenfield. I am also available to come to *your* home or business, please contact me for travel rates.

Swedish Massage:
This is what most people think of when you say “massage” – a treatment that will help relax and revive your whole body. In a Swedish massage I focus on your soft tissue and muscles. This treatment is proven to reduce the effects of long term stress on the body and can help with everything from injury recovery to anxiety and depression. Swedish massage can be combined with aromatherapy and any of the mini-services below.

30 minutes – $45
60 minutes – $85
90 minutes – $125

Deep Tissue Massage:
Deep tissue work employs deep pressure and slow strokes to relieve tension in muscles and deep connective tissue. This technique releases chronic tension from injury or overuse and frees toxins trapped in muscles to allow for proper blood and oxygen circulation. Deep tissue massage can also break down scar tissue in the fascia. Due to the intense nature of this work, clients should drink plenty of water for a couple of days following the treatment to flush out released toxins.
30 minutes – $55
60 minutes – $105

Prenatal Massage:
During the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, mothers-to-be (and their babies!) can benefit tremendously from the relaxing experience of a prenatal massage. We utilize bolsters and pillows to make sure the client is comfortable at all times, and administer a custom swedish massage designed to melt away stress while addressing concerns specific to pregnant women.
30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $90

Eastern modality
First session (60 minutes) – $90
All other sessions (45 minutes) – $70

I also offer several mini-services that can be either a stand-alone treatment if you don’t have a lot of time, or can be added onto any of the above treatments. (If booked as an add-on, a $10 discount will be applied.)

Back Rescue:
A short massage focussing only on the upper and lower back. After a brief consultation, I will design a custom treatment involving myofascial work, trigger points, stretching, and other modalities. This may also include special oils to support muscle health and healing.
15 minutes – $35
30 minutes – $50

Foot Rescue:
If you spend all day on your feet, this one’s for you! I start by applying an ache-relieving mask which is then removed with hot cloths. I use an arnica and capsaicin oil blend to soothe and stretch your feet and finish it all with a minty-fresh witch hazel cloth at the end.
15 minutes – $25
30 minutes – $45

Headache Relief:
With a combination of aromatherapy and massage, this treatment will help you break the grip of any headache.
15 minutes – $25
30 minutes – $45

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